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What Egyptian Policy?: The Intractable Influence of the U.S. Military-Industrial Complex   Leave a comment

Hard to believe but it appears that I agree (well, not entirely, and certainly not all of the time) with a Republican!

I’m referring to Senator John McCain’s stand on our policies (or lack thereof) towards Egypt and Syria. Both he and I, and hopefully, countless others, find that it’s absolutely appalling that we sit idly by and allow Egypt’s military to kill its Muslim citizens – without even a hint requital. The very least we should do is cut off our yearly $1.5 billion aid package to Egypt. I find it amazing that (seemingly) the primary reason we haven’t cut off these funds is because of the possible economic effects that cutting aid may have on several U.S. military manufacturers that supply weapon systems to Egypt. Seems we are allowing these unscrupulous contractors to provide the bloodthirsty Egyptian military with weapons that they in turn use to kill their very own citizens. Former president Eisenhower had it dead right when he warned us of the emerging power of the military-industrial complex. Can you imagine any of today’s Republicans suggesting that we place restraints on the symbiotic relationship between the U.S. Department of Defense and its horde of military contractors? Apparently, the greedy, insatiable war making industry has evolved to the point where it has a death grip on our country’s policy making.

Denmark is looking better with every passing day!


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